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Special Needs Trust Advisement
UFS has extensive experience and expertise in the use of Special Needs Trusts (SNTs).

A SNT is a mechanism under which a disabled individual's funds are placed into an irrevocable trust and thus are not counted as assets for purposes of Medicaid and SSI eligibility.

The evaluation and utilization of SNTs is an area of increasing importance to personal injury attorneys seeking to meet their professional obligations to clients. For plaintiffs eligible for Medicaid benefits, a structured settlement can provide for the periodic payment of funds into an SNT to protect those benefits. Putting the structured settlement and the SNT together in a way that ensures the best result for clients can be a complex exercise. By integrating our expertise in Medicaid forecasting and structured settlement optimization, UFS can provide invaluable assistance to attorneys seeking to determine whether and how to use a SNT in a particular case.

Once the decision is made to use a SNT, we have relationships with many of the nation's leading trust attorneys, and can leverage this network on behalf of the client. If the attorney has an existing relationship we can work with that resource to establish the SNT in conjunction with a structured settlement.