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Mediation Support
Mediation is frequently employed in the effort to resolve personal injury claims. UFS is available to help the attorney throughout the mediation process and to assist in developing negotiating strategies.

Attendance and Counseling
At the attorney's request, a UFS settlement consultant will be present during the entire mediation process. In preparation for mediation, UFS will design a number of settlement scenarios based on the plaintiff's unique circumstances. We can analyze any structure proposed by the defendant, and provide an assessment of its value versus alternatives that may be available in the market, leveraging our in-depth knowledge of all of the leading carriers. UFS handles hundreds of settlement negotiations each year, giving us extensive familiarity with the claims practices of opposing insurance carriers and attorneys.

Mediation Support Tool
In addition, UFS provides attorneys with a desktop tool that outlines key information about the parties, including status, coverage and potential liability, in a single spreadsheet. This tool is also used to track the progress of the mediation. Analyzing everything from individual moves, mid-points, bracket-analysis and coverage participation.

Many attorneys find this tool an invaluable aid in complex, multi-party negotiations.