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Comprehensive Settlement Planning
Once a dollar figure has been identified as part of a settlement, UFS has the expertise to pull all the components of a settlement together in a way that creates the most value for the client.

First, UFS will analyze all settlement offers to determine if the client's needs can be met and - just as important - calculate the actual cost of any structured settlement annuity that may be offered in relation to available alternatives. Once an offer is on the table, this is the time to work with the universe of insurance providers to ensure that the structuring is done on the most favorable terms available to the client.

In addition to ensuring an optimal settlement structure, we will also evaluate how the settlement meshes with Medicaid benefits for which the client may be eligible, and help determine the advisability of utilizing a Special Needs Trust. Finally, we can put together a financial plan that utilizes appropriate investment options for the assets not covered by the structured settlement. The plan may encompass variable annuities, mutual funds, and individual securities.